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How to Start an LLC in Texas: Your Top Questions, Answered

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That’s why investing in startup accounting software is a good idea. Plus, this software can create invoices, pay bills, add ledger entries, reconcile bank accounts, and generate financial statements. Vanessa is a CPA and the founder of Kruze Consulting, and has helped hundreds of startups with their accounting and taxes. Vanessa Kruze, a seasoned CPA, has an impressive track record prior to establishing Kruze Consulting. Her experience includes pivotal roles at Deloitte Tax and as a controller for a substantial startup with over 120 employees and $20 million in revenue. As with many business resources, cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping services are the premier choice for many modern businesses.

As the company grows, management eventually hires the appropriate personnel and brings these financial functions in-house. However, with the current economic slowdown, some startups that may experience slower than projected growth are choosing to “re-outsource” their financials. We recommend QuickBooks Online (“QBO”) as the right bookkeeping software for startups and high-growth small businesses.

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Drafting the right financial pro for your team can make all the difference, turning complex plays into strategic wins for your startup. When you find an accountant who not only keeps your books in check but also assists in strategizing for the future, you’ll know you’ve scored a touchdown for your business. Taking on your startup’s finances solo is a bold move that can be incredibly rewarding. I remember when I first ventured into the realm of self-managed finances; it was daunting. There was this one time I spent hours reconciling accounts, only to find that I had overlooked a minor, yet crucial, tax deduction.

start up accountant

Find out how big their firm is, what the qualifications of their team members are, and how they prefer to communicate. It’s always a good idea to meet face-to-face with the person who will be handling your money. Since you will be the one who pays for it if something goes wrong, you want to make sure you can trust your CPA. If you call them start up accountant up and they’re weird about meeting in person, call someone else. Our best expert advice on how to grow your business — from attracting new customers to keeping existing customers happy and having the capital to do it. Typically, the earlier, the better, because you will be set up with the best financial practices from the beginning.

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