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An Engineer’s Guide to Working Across Time Zones

Companies employing diverse teams spanning multiple time zones enjoy complete time zone coverage. Having all shifts and time zones covered is especially convenient for support and customer service as people don’t need to work past the conventional work hours in their countries, in the case of an emergency. However, other departments and industries can benefit from the approach as well. Ensure you are open to dealing with your work hours and controls with your distributed team, whether you are working remotely, in-office, or in a global office outside your main company headquarters. Likewise, support your colleagues to discuss their work limits and work hours so you are aware of the different time zones in which you are all working. Even if you have had an initial chat, you must speak up if you have difficulty attending online meetings in different time zones.

You can mix in work meetings and training sessions with some fun activities that just focus on team bonding. If you have the option, turn it on and at last save yourself from accidentally scheduling a meeting during an inconvenient time. Otherwise, you can always verify the location of the attendees before you send out the planner. Apps like Doodle, allow you to offer multiple times and let people select all that will work for them. Giving people the chance to select times that will work will help give them a little control and improve the meeting’s overall engagement and attendance. These meetings should be an efficient and good use of time, so if you feel they aren’t productive, try scheduling them further apart.

Best practices for working across time zones

The hesitance to say no to an out-of-timezone meeting could eventually lead you to say yes. Employees get as close as they can to being collaborative, but they also have to deal with costs. With our platform of pre-configured talent acquisition and talent management solutions, maximize the potential of your company’s greatest asset—your people.

With the right information, they can jump in and solve problems once you’ve clocked out. This way, your team operates in a relay, which can accelerate your output and ability to solve problems. In contrast to most time zone maps out there, which are static, our map is dynamic and shows areas that currently follow the same local time. This means that time zone boundaries shift every time a country switches between standard time and Daylight Saving Time (DST). Many countries switch to and from DST in the periods March-May and September-November, so you can expect the map to change quite frequently during those months.

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Clear communication is essential for managing expectations and maintaining a good working relationship with your remote client. Be upfront about your availability and the times when you are not able to respond immediately due to time zone differences. Establishing a regular communication routine, working remotely in a different time zone such as a weekly check-in at a mutually convenient time, can help keep both parties informed and on track. Earth is divided into 24 time zones, each representing one hour of the 24-hour day. Time zones are based on the Earth’s rotation and are defined by the longitudinal position on the globe.

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